The Consequences of Stress


Soaking in a walk in tub can help relieve day to day stress.The Consequences of Stress


It's a very lucky person who never experiences any kind of stress in their lives; but in this day and age, does a truly stress-free person even exist? Working, commuting, paying the bills, weather, chemicals, pollution, life, death and illnesses. . . Modern life is so hectic and throws so many obstacles in our paths that it's a wonder we're even alive!


One person will deal with stress in a very different way from the next person, and the way we respond to stress can depend on how long we have been stressed, what the particular stressors are, and what kind of support we have available. Someone who is willing to open up to a loving partner or close family network about the things that are troubling them may find that they recover much more quickly from stress compared to someone who bottles everything up and refuses to acknowledge the problem.


If left unchecked, the emotional symptoms of stress - including feelings of anger, irritation, depression and sadness - can often have a negative impact on your everyday life, and even manifest as physical symptoms that affect your health in the longer term. What might start off as a very small thing that you were worried about, might escalate into a much bigger problem if you do not deal with it quickly and in the right way. Of course, we all need a little stress in our lives to keep us motivated and on our toes, but if you find yourself suffering from the inability to sleep properly, tension headaches and muscular pain or stiffness, particularly in the shoulders and the back, it can be a very good sign that you need to find a way to relax!


While it might not solve the underlying problem, a really good way to calm a worrying, active mind, relax into a state of sleepiness and eliminate muscular pain and headaches is to take a warm bath, or even rest for a while in a hydrotherapy walk in tub. Warm water soothes the muscles, where many of us tend to carry stress, removing the physical feelings of stress and helping you to relax. In addition, pulsing jets of water, or the calm, swirling motion that is caused by pumps in the hydrotherapy walk in tub, can not only give you an incredibly relaxing massage, but also give you something to focus on. Close your eyes and try to empty your mind of all but the pleasurable feelings of warm, moving water against your skin. Relaxing in this way and taking time for yourself can help you to put things into perspective and give you the inner peace and mental strength to cope with whatever life throws at you!


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