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free shipping AmeriGlide proudly provides mobility solutions to all of New York City, including Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island! We are the industry-leading online provider of stair lifts, vertical lifts, and wheelchair lifts today, with the highest degree of support and the most knowledgeable staff of professional mobility specialists you'll ever contact. We pride ourselves on being able to guide any customer through the entire buying process and give them the best quality items at the lowest prices!

  • Rubex Stair Lift
    Rubex Stair Lift Logo

    Starting at $1,399.00

    • Higher 350 lb. weight capacity accommodates a large range of users
    • Wide seat with thick padding ensures a comfortable ride every time you use it
    • Drive system uses ultra-strong aircraft carrier-grade cable
    • AC and DC models are available choose the best option for your needs
  • Vesta Stair Lift
    Vesta Stair Lift Logo

    Starting at $1,739.00

    • Rack and pinion offers smooth transit with minimal maintenance
    • 300-lb. weight capacity accommodates nearly any user
    • Battery operated design with reserve power in case of outages
    • Adjustable folding arms allow you to customize clearance between 18 and 21 inches
  • Rave Stair Lift
    Rave Stair Lift Logo

    Starting at $1,939.00

    • 350-pound weight capacity; takes up less than a foot of space from wall
    • Track uses single-bracket mounts for easy installation
    • Includes comfortable 19-inch wide padded seat with arm-mounted control switch
    • Battery operated drive train keeps a reserve charge for emergency usage
AmeriGlide Residential Lift
AmeriGlide Commercial Lift
AmeriGlide Portable Lift
Vertical Platform Lifts help physically disabled people access all areas of their homes, including porches and above-ground entryways.
Choose a vertical lift with a smooth ride, quiet operation, and quality engineering - call us today!
AmeriGlide Express Dumbwaiter

The AmeriGlide Express Dumbwaiter is pre-assembled at the factory, making installation easy - no pulleys, no rails, and no complicated electrical work!
Wheelchair Lifts

Starting at $1,129.00

AmeriGlide Wheelchair Lifts come in a number of different configurations to suit your exact vehicle, mobility aid, and physical limitations. Choose our wheelchair lifts for quality engineering.


AmeriGlide Bath Lift

Starting at $499.00

AmeriGlide brand bath lifts ensure that you can sit and stand easily and safely when bathing.
AmeriGlide Walk-In Tub

Starting at $1,199.00

AmeriGlide manufactures over a dozen walk in tub options, so every homeowner can find an option that suits their needs.
AmeriGlide Lift Chair

Starting at $489.00

AmeriGlide lift chairs allow mobility-impaired users to enjoy the comfort of a recliner chair and never worry about being unable to stand or sit safely.
AmeriGlide Scooters

Starting at $549.99

AmeriGlide mobility scooters are made for easy portable and long-lasting durability. Our scooters sell for hundreds of dollars less than other brands on the market.
AmeriGlide Stair Climber

Starting at $3,595.00

The AmeriGlide Stair Climber lets caretakers of wheelchair users safely transport their charges up and down stairs.

AmeriGlide Elite Elevator

Coming Soon!

The AmeriGlide Elite Residential Elevator is an excellent addition to any multi-level home or building that serves disabled or elderly individuals.